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Crop analysis system

ACROPALIS – the Assimila crop analysis system

Assimila is developing and expanding its information services for agriculture!
waters around Spain's Balearic Islands

Earth observation data for climate – a potted history

After 30 years working at the interface between Earth observation science and public policy, Zof Stott brings an immense wealth of experience to Assimila.
Maize farmer

Forecasting maize yields in Ghana

Assimila is working with Farmerline, University College London and CABI-Africa to develop an operational system for forecasting maize yields in Ghana using a crop model, coupled with Earth observations and weather data.
Earth observation data

How to make the most of Earth observation data and not perish in the attempt?

Gerardo Lopez-Saldena, Earth observation application specialist with Assimila, has written a fascinating blog, which first appeared on the Space for Climate website.