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Spanning agriculture, climate and land, our projects explore the application of Earth observation data to real-world problems.

Smog over urban environment


HARMONIA is developing integrated solutions for urban environments, tailored to protect European citizens' security, health, prosperity and wellbeing against the detrimental impact of climate change.
women farmer spraying pesticide on rice fields


Developing tools to increase the use of biopesticides by ensuring they are used effectively, advising on optimal application timing.
Swarm of locusts


Assimila is integrating satellite data with weather forecasts to help reduce the risks from locusts and fall army worm in China and Laos.

Climate risk and the financial sector

Developing tools to help the financial sector manage climate risk.

Technical management for the Copernicus Climate Change Service

Supporting ECMWF to bring a wealth of Earth observation data to the Copernicus Climate Data Store.
View over the fields of an organic farm in northen Ghana

Crop Yield Decision Support – Enhancing maize production resilience to climate change through advanced crop modelling and yield forecasting

Forecasting maize yields in Ghana.
A Farmer is drying coffee beans with naturally process

Realising equitable gender opportunities to improve smallholder coffee livelihoods in post conflict areas using advances in digital technology

Developing tools to increase the sustainability of coffee production by optimising the application of biopesticides to control coffee berry borer.
Earth's surface modelling and data

Earth system model evaluation

Advising on the development of Earth system model evaluation.

DataCube for peatlands demonstrator

Providing easier access to Earth observation data for research.

TRUTHS User Requirements

Defining user requirements for a novel satellite mission that will provide the Climate Benchmark for calibrating satellite observations of the Earth.

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