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Making sense of Earth observation.

Data solutions for the world

Exploiting the latest advances in satellite capabilities, high performance and geo-computing, coupled with our depth of expertise, we deliver practical solutions.

Systems to manage crop production, pests and diseases.

Opening up the huge wealth of Earth observation data.

Metrics of current and future climate for risk assessment and decision making.

Earth's surface modelling and data

At Assimila, our highly skilled team believes in innovation at every step. We exploit multi-sensor products and create new software tools to create knowledge from data. 

Investigating new techniques to derive land surface and vegetation data from Earth observations.

Developing software tools to access, analyse and build practical applications based on Earth observation data.

Expertise in satellite data and climate models, their benefits, applications, and uncertainties.

Consultancy services - earth observation, forests and agriculture

We speak the language of Earth observation data and bridge the gaps between the academic, government and business worlds.

High level strategic advice on the Earth observation industry, stakeholder engagement and programme development.

Support for Earth observation-based programmes, such as the EU Copernicus programme.

Communication, dissemination and visualisation activities for clients such as ESA and ECMWF.

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